Quora Challanges. Short version: GitHub hosts a wide variety of collaborative projects from all over the world, and that collaboration only works when our users are able to work together in good faith. If you are looking for Java repositories then here is a post sorting by number of stars per repository : Post in Algorithms & Data Fusion Ideally, I would like to make a list of the top open datasets on Github, period; however, this gets tricky, since searching for "open data," or any variant of this search term, is going to lead to complications on a site set up with the explicit goal of sharing open source projects and their data. Main 2020 Developments and Key 2021 Trends in AI, Data Science... AI registers: finally, a tool to increase transparency in AI/ML. Top quality projects are being hosted at Github. Let’s take a look at 5 highly rated ones. In order to convert the probability to a binary prediction, we used the threshold that lead to the highest precision (0.81) subject to a recall of 1.0 on the validation set. [Structuring Machine Learning Projects] week1. 本文介绍了 GitHub 上 star 量最高的 5 个机器学习项目,涉及人脸识别、文本处理、机器学习框架等。选自towardsdatascience,作者:Rishi Sidhu,机器之心编译参与:Nurhachu Null、Geek AI。 机器学习领 … So, if you have a GitHub account and curious, you can get your score at https://u.community/github and convert it to a Universal Portable Reputation. The top 10 machine learning projects on Github include a number of libraries, frameworks, and education resources. The List. Solve real-world problems in Python, R, and SQL. The author isn't greedy either; they are quick to point out many other tutorials covering similar ground, in case this one doesn't tickle your fancy. This is a collection of IPython notebook tutorials for scikit-learn, as well as a number of links to related Python-specific and general machine learning topics, and more general data science information. Here is my top 25 list: The stars on Github are a good metric to sift through this river of treasure. The github repo contains a curated list of awesome TensorFlow experiments, libraries, and projects. Here are the 10 highest-ranked, English-language repositories on GitHub designed to help those learning Java. Open source software is an important piece of the data science puzzle. Text classification is a core problem to many applications, like spam detection, sentiment analysis or smart replies. Most of the machine learning libraries are difficult to understand and learning curve can be a bit frustrating. It works on standard, generic hardware. The world’s leading tech companies open source their projects on GitHub by … 6 min read, 7 May 2020 – This data is not perfect, but we can use Github metrics as a proxy for which projects have the largest and most active communities. Users can use this framework to build real-world ML apps, deploy and test them. The best programming languages to learn in 2019: Top coding skills that pay you the most Watch Now Read this Paper. fastText is an open source and free library by Facebook team for efficient learning of word representations. This repository is slightly different from all of the above as it has been shut down due to lack of funds! 60+ New 2020 list of Iot projects topics ideas list internet of things projects with source code, free PPT pdf and documents download, arduino, and ras pi Style2Paints is designed according to this flow. These 5, though, are worth a look. This demonstrates a binary classification problem (“Yes” vs. “No”) but the same process that you’ll observe can be used for a regression problem. MLflow Projects. The five-highest ranked repositories on GitHub related to learning how to code in Python. It is quite an interesting concept where AI is used to color images. This star rating t hen can be one of the good metrics to know the most followed projects. Check out the Andrew Ng's course. ML Strategy (1) [Structuring Machine Learning Projects] week1. Scikit-learn leverages the Python scientific computing stack, built on NumPy, SciPy, and matplotlib. Find your favorite user. Introduction. It is useful for recognising and manipulating faces in images. Gitstar Ranking is a GitHub star ranking. It also provides a simple face_recognition command line tool that lets you do face recognition on a folder of images from the command line itself! It can be big and daunting to not pick one topic in the field of ML. Top quality code is being regularly posted on that infinite board of wisdom. It is a very useful resource for NLP enthusiasts. The world’s simplest tool for facial recognition. It includes several template engines for well-known tasks, such as classification and recommendation, which can be customized, connects to existing applications with REST APIs or SDKs, and includes supports for Spark MLib. →. If this is your first ML project, you should try to predict one feature with the other features; i.e., see if highest bidder can be predicted based on cover image, synopsis, country of origin, etc. The top project is, unsurprisingly, the go-to machine learning library for Pythonistas the world over, from industry to academia. This tutorial leverages the following packages. Dark Data: Why What You Don’t Know Matters. With a focus on stability, performance, and ease-of-use, we believe libopenshot is the best cross-platform, open-source video editing library in the world. It is obviously impossible to track all things that go on in the world of machine learning but Github has a star-rating for each project. The importance, and central position, of machine learning to the field of data science does not need to be pointed out. Github is that whiteboard which the whole world is watching. It is impossible to follow everything ML. It has a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, libraries and community resources that lets researchers create the state-of-the-art in ML. Lectures: You can obtain all the lecture slides at any point by cloning 2015, and using git pull as the weeks go on.. Data Science, and Machine Learning. It basically takes the load off of a developer’s mind as far as Machine Learning is concerned. 6 min read, 28 Apr 2020 – Size is proportional to the number of contributors, and color represents to the change in the number of contributors – red is higher, blue is lower. If I had to pick one platform that has single-handedly kept me up-to-date with the latest developments in data science and machine learning – it would be GitHub. It also includes data visualization tools, which opens it up as more of a generalized data science list in some sense... which is a good thing. Python Machine Learning Project on Diabetes Prediction System This Diabetes Prediction System Machine Learning Project based on the prediction of type 2 diabetes with given data. It has been a truly revolutionary platform in recent years and has changed the landscape of how we host and even do coding. Github Blog. An MLflow Project is a format for packaging data science code in a reusable and reproducible way, based primarily on conventions. GitHub is where people build software. Implementing the AdaBoost Algorithm From Scratch, Data Compression via Dimensionality Reduction: 3 Main Methods, A Journey from Software to Machine Learning Engineer. My teammate Shawn Smith and I have been hitting all of the most popular Go repos on Github, and saving the results to a Mongo database. It provides an application programming interface (API) for Python and the command line. With more than 29,000 stars, Glide is easily one of the most popular Java projects on Github. TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning designed by Google. Videos: You can see the entire list of videos here.Below we list them by class/section along with a link to the slides. GitHub annually releases the list of top open source projects that are live on the website. It is among the highest-rated java projects on Github as it has nearly 43,000 stars there. Here is an interesting look at all the available repos: awesome-machine-learning. TensorFlow is an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning designed by Google. Basically, if you star a repository, you show your appreciation for the project as well as keep track of repositories that you find interesting. The top 10 machine learning projects on Github include a number of libraries, frameworks, and education resources. 9 min read, Using these libraries makes a data scientist’s life very easy, A beginner’s tutorial to perform linear regression and plotting in R, Getting Started With Regular Expressions for NLP, Using X-Ray Images to detect COVID-19 Patients, See all 27 posts This is a collection of resources that help you understand and utilise TensorFlow. The Ultimate Guide to Data Engineer Interviews, Change the Background of Any Video with 5 Lines of Code, Get KDnuggets, a leading newsletter on AI, How, you ask? Metadata hootenanny (Mac): As general purpose a toolkit as there could be, Scikit-learn contains classification, regression, and clustering algorithms, as well as data-preparation and model-evaluation tools. The sheer scale of GitHub, combined with the power of super data scientists from all over the globe, make it a must-use platform for anyone interested in this field. According to the most recent KDnuggets data science software poll results, 73% of data scientists used free software in the previous 12 months. To demonstrate model visualization techniques we’ll use the employee attrition data that has been included in the rsample package. Diabetes is a rising threat nowadays, one of the main reasons being that there is … This repository services the UNO Cybersecurity capstone (CYBR 4580/8950) View the Project on GitHub MLHale/CYBR4580-8950. I love solving real world problems, armed with a working knowledge of technology and by using words. You can find out more about RxJava below: 5. In addition, the Projects component includes an API and command-line tools for running projects, making it possible to chain together projects … Apache PredictionIO is an open source machine learning framework for developers, data scientists, and end users. Using it developers can easily build and deploy ML powered applications. PredictionIO is a general purpose framework. But that’s not all. Dive into Machine Learning with Python Jupyter notebook and scikit-learn. Artificial Intelligence in Modern Learning System : E-Learning. Right now, we have checked 276 of the most popular Go repositories on Github. KDnuggets 20:n46, Dec 9: Why the Future of ETL Is Not ELT, ... Machine Learning: Cutting Edge Tech with Deep Roots in Other F... Top November Stories: Top Python Libraries for Data Science, D... 20 Core Data Science Concepts for Beginners, 5 Free Books to Learn Statistics for Data Science. I chose a NLP from day one, because it was interesting to me. ( Note : This article about learning programming languages for … They claim that it is different from previous end-to-end image-to-image translation methods because it is the first system to colorize a line-art in real-life human workflow. By subscribing you accept KDnuggets Privacy Policy, KDnuggets data science software poll results, top 10 machine learning projects on Github, A Rising Library Beating Pandas in Performance, 10 Python Skills They Don’t Teach in Bootcamp. This library can also handle real-time face recognition. What’s the best platform for hosting your code, collaborating with team members, and also acts as an online resume to showcase your coding skills? Open source software is an important piece of the data science puzzle. It will help! You can see top 1000 users, organizations and repositories. Have a look at the tools others are using, and the resources they are learning from. Only first 1000 GitHub users according to the count of followers are taken. By Matthew Mayo, KDnuggets. This is because of limitations of GitHub search. Machine learning, as a field, is growing at a breakneck speed. Below is the compiled list of Github repositories where you can find awesome ML projects. Top 100 projects & repositories Out of … It provides an application programming interface … Grow your coding skills in an online sandbox and build a data science portfolio you can show employers. I put together a list of machine learning library, framework, and toolkits, starting with the popular ones referenced the most often in Machine Learning searches. I picked up … I’ll give you a hint – open source! More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. The list is categorized by language, and further by machine learning category (general purpose, computer vision, natural language processing, etc.). The following is an overview of the top 10 machine learning projects on Github.*. Millions of developers and companies build, ship, and maintain their software on GitHub — the largest and most advanced development platform in the world. We’ve always said that healthcare.ai is an open source project, but we’ve never really taken the time to explain what that means. GitHub is where the world builds software. Such a flow produces the middle image from the leftmost image in just 2 clicks. Ask any data scientist, and they’ll point you towards GitHub. It acts as a learning tool as well. Glide. The goal of text classification is to assign documents (such as emails, posts, text messages, product reviews, etc…) to multiple categories. It even supports event collection, evaluation, and querying predictive results. Since it is built on top of Spark and utilizes its ecosystem, it should come as no surprise that PredictionIO is developed mainly in Scala. Thanks. Writer | Entrepreneur | Engineer. It is built using dlib’s state-of-the-art face recognition algorithm. Do visit the Github repository, also, contribute cheat sheets if you have any. It has a comprehensive ecosystem of tools, libraries and community resources that lets researchers create the state-of-the-art in ML. In order to find the projects of highest quality, I selected the ones with at least 100 Go files, and ordered them by their rating. 1: Top 20 Python AI and Machine Learning projects on Github. A curated list of awesome Machine Learning frameworks, libraries and software. We’ve also started a YouTube channel for cs109. Manage full life cycle web solutions and software development projects for a wide variety of high profile clients. This library powers Small OpenShot iconOpenShot Video Editor (version 2.0+), the highest rated video editor available on Linux (and soon Windows & Mac). Most active GitHub users . It is lightweight and allows users to learn text representations and sentence classifiers. PredictionIO, a machine learning server for developers and ML engineers. Note: I force ordered factors to be unordered as h2odoes not support ordered categorical variables. This is a curated list of machine learning libraries, frameworks, and software. Internet is an ocean and machine learning is a river that flows into it. Built on Apache Spark, HBase and Spray. While there are many sources of such tools on the internet, Github has become a de facto clearinghouse for all types of open source software, including tools used in the data science community. Models can be reduced in size to even fit on mobile devices. Fig. CYBR8950. It is a fast open-source media management framework for Android devices. Most human artists are familiar with this workflow. This repository contains a digitized version of the course content for the CYBR 4580/8950 Certification and Accreditation capstone course at … See what is your rank. The count of contributions (summary of Pull Requests, opened issues and commits) to public repos at GitHub.com from Tue, 06 Dec 2016 17:06:46 GMT till Wed, 06 Dec 2017 17:06:46 GMT. ML projects are great way to practice the relevant ML skills. I am creating a repository on Github(cheatsheets-ai) containing cheatsheets for different machine learning frameworks, gathered from different sources. Have a look at the tools others are using, and the resources they are learning from. This star rating then can be one of the good metrics to know the most followed projects. Let’s take a look at 5 highly rated ones. They claimStyle2paints V4 as the current best AI driven Line-Art colorization tool. For this exemplar I retain most of the observations in the training data sets and re… It is based on scalable open source services like Hadoop, HBase etc. Contact me - rishi-at-aigraduate-dot-com. The github repo contains a curated list of awesome TensorFlow experiments, libraries, and projects. The deep-learning model has an accuracy of 99.38% on the Labeled Faces in the Wild dataset. Snowflake shape is for Deep Learning projects, round for other projects. This channel has smaller videos dealing with nitty gritty stuff on the course. The repo has no no software, but if you're new to Python machine learning, it may be worth checking out. 1) face-recognition — 25,858 ★ The world’s simplest tool for facial recognition. The focal point of these machine learning projects is machine learning algorithms for beginners, i.e., algorithms that don’t require you to have a deep understanding of Machine Learning, and hence are perfect for students and beginners. Further, if you’re looking for Machine Learning project ideas for final year, this list should get you going. 1 Sep 2020 – And in just 4 more clicks this is what you get. For this you can use a basic NN as a baseline, and keep adding layers until it's powerful enough.