Ruger Precision® Rifle. The Ruger American Rifle is a family of budget-level hunting/sporting bolt action centerfire rifle made by Sturm, Ruger & Co., who also produces a line of rimfire rifles with similar designs called the Ruger American Rimfire. ” . 17 HMR is arguably the best rimfire hunting cartridge thanks to its ability to shoot flatter at higher velocities at long-range. First the features. Barrel Parts Bolt Parts Books & Videos ... ORYX CHASSIS RUGER AMERICAN® CHASSIS. 10/22® Mini-14® / Mini Thirty® PC9. Because many American rifle models don’t have high capacities, many shooters look for extended magazines. The American comes in four calibers for now: .30-06, .308, .270 and .243, some of the most popular hunting rounds out there.Ruger’s entire approach with this rifle has been to create an inexpensive but functional hunting rifle, so while some of the rifle’s features are top-notch, a lot of it is made to be as basic as possible, hence the limited options in cartridges.It has a single thumb safety that ca… Our motto, "Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®," I like 300 BLK but it has to be employed in the right machinery and I just don’t think the Ruger Ranch rifle makes the cut. #splinter #308rifle #308win #ruger #rugeramerican #camoflauge #camo #mossyoak #realtree @mossyoak @realtreeoutdoors @sigsauerinc @rugersofficial #model #huntress #outdoors #outdoorphotography #adventure #sexy #sniper #ontarget #shooter #hunter #modeling #posing #shooting #guns #weapons #babe #badass #love #deercamp #reallife, A post shared by Clever Babe (@cleverbabe719) on Mar 17, 2020 at 12:51pm PDT. I know you’ve been missing me at the shop, and I’ve missed you all too. No. On pulling the rifle from the box, and slipping in the bolt, I held it at arm’s length and assessed my first impressions. Guide Gun. The PMAG is a great quality magazine designed for the .308 Winchester-based … Ruger offers a few American rifles in 6.5 Creedmoor but it’s hard not to like the Hunter model. The rifle feels good and it shoots well, so I think it’s one of the better budget rifles on the market. It features me in my favorite camo shirt with my long time hunting rifle I’ve lovingly named, Splinter. Ruger American Ranch Rifle -Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds, allowing shooters to make that perfect shot. While many people focus on the barrels or triggers of the Ruger American rifles, there is what to say about the stock options. Ruger American Rifle Standard Black Synthetic .243WIN In Stock Now - Please Call Store to Purchase Retail $489.00. As a result, 270 is one of the most popular long-distance shooting cartridges and is available in the Ruger American Standard Rifle series. For example, the drop-in design is M-LOK compatible, includes a bolt-action mag well and PMAG, and is reinforced with a type III hard anodized, machine finished cast aluminum bedding block. It has good aesthetics, great ergonomics, fantastic accuracy, intuitive handling, and even decent durability (unlike many of these other rifles). Ruger’s American Rifle caught the attention of many shooters. Ruger American® Rifle. The Ruger American Hunter is probably the most interesting rifle in the American collection. They built it with a 70-degree throw with dual cocking cams so it does cycle pretty smoothly with most ammo. Today, we’re going to take a look at the expansive American Rifle line and see how it measures up to scrutiny. The Federal GMM has long been the gold standard of match grade ammo that all others are compared against, but for this rifle, it was the dog of the group. 10/22® Mini-14® / Mini Thirty® PC9. OUT OF STOCK (16) Ruger American .308 Win. ORYX (In Stock) - 0.0. While the Ranch rifles are more expensive than the Standard models, I’m not sure they offer enough that they warrant a higher price tag. Like the other American rifles, Ruger kept the popular adjustable trigger and bolt-action assembly but made a few other small changes. These synthetic stocks aren’t the most attractive on the market nor are they particularly durable, but they do work and it is a budget firearm after all. It has often been tagged as a “truck” gun. This rifle features the respected and trusted Ruger American bolt action mechanism, built with a synthetic stock, and a matte black finish, maki ...Click for more info . The Ruger American Rifle was launched in 2011 and was met with modest success. My issue with this is that The Ranch rifles are compact and I honestly wouldn’t hunt big game at long-range with these rifles. Because many American rifle models don’t have high capacities, many shooters look for extended magazines. I would have liked to see this cartridge in the Hunter series but I’m not surprised at this point. While many of their products aren’t winning any serious awards, they’ve done a commendable job in arming Americans with affordable firearms. While Ruger claims these can achieve MOA accuracy, it’s a claim that is tough to back up. Another reason why many shooters like this series is because of its variety. For starters, most of these stocks feature a simple but effective soft rubber buttpad that is comfortable with most calibers. While Ruger doesn’t offer .223 Rem rifles in their Standard, Compact, or Hunter series, there is a .223 Predator that is a solid firearm. Ruger American® Rimfire. I liked shooting the Target model in 22 WMR because it was simple, intuitive, and extremely accurate. I could do without the Camo finish, but the highly adjustable stock, 9-round capacity, threaded barrel, and 60-degree bolt throw make this a solid weapon for under $500. Now these still feel like budget rifles, but I wouldn’t say they feel cheap. There’s something special about having no skyscrapers, concrete, diesel engines, or people in sight. The visible, accessible and easy-to-actuate tang safety provides instant security. Winchester’s .243 cartridge was built based on demand from hunters. It seems perfectly suited to fill a number of roles effectively and do it at a price point that most anyone can afford. Durability is excellent, I use this rifle in Florida swamps that require a several mile boat ride to access. There is a lot to like about the action, but the factory plastic stock left a bit to be desired as a precision rig as opposed to a hunting rifle. #2017TopPost
“Rifle season can’t come soon enough. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community I started with the Ranch rifle and I was pleasantly surprised. Wow I hear a lot of people complaining about the plastic Ruger American Rifle. While the original Ruger American series saw unimpressive success, Ruger decided to take their affordable rifle designs to the rimfire market. The perfect cleaning and repair mat for your Ruger American Rifle. The Magpul stock provides greater comfort and accuracy, especially for careful long-range hunters. The rifle no longer has twin locking lugs compared to the Ruger 77 rifle. Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ trigger offers a crisp release with a pull weight that is user adjustable between 3 and 5 pounds, allowing shooters to make that perfect shot. This is really a nice touch and helps give this rifle more appeal compared to the other Ruger American models. Overall you slam the product as being low quality, short-lived, and a poor choice. Cold hammer-forged barrel results in ultra-precise rifling that provides exceptional accuracy and longevity. Find a quality Ruger American Rifle along with Ruger American extended magazine, Ruger American stock, and Ruger American accessories-- all for sale at a low Impact Guns price! Ruger American Rifle with GO WILD Camo 450 Bushmaster 3-Rd. If you’re looking for a most custom stock option then Boyd’s Gunstocks is considered the best place to go. Although the Ruger American rifles haven’t met the success Ruger predicted, the Predator model has seen positive sales and is arguably the most popular rifle of the series.