Overall I think looking at the global situation prices are fairly placed for the season ahead, irrespective of trying to catch the Bottom as buyer or Top as a seller it would be advisable to slowly be in the markets at all time to avoid getting into Panic buy/sell situation.Periodic corrections will happen and the movements this year will not be subtle but in 2-3% Range , thats more than $50 up or down at any given time. Nigeria is the largest producer of sesame seeds in Africa, and the third largest in the world, with about 580,000 tonnes produced in 2017. About a total of 26 States grow sesame presently and the production is expected to increase given the good prices obtained by farmers and increased demand worldwide. Current levels are a good buy and going ahead expect a slow steady rise ,right upto last season's top levels at best. Minister of State for Trade and Investment, Dr. Samuel Ortom revealed this at the flag off of promotion on ‘’increasing sesame seed production for export,’’ by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council, NEPC. Did you know that many of the food items we consume in Nigeria are not of the best quality? Someone catering Sesame sticks/Crackers to Airlines/Hotels may have zero demand but someone selling Sesame cookies for a government run food program may see a quantum jump. The current international price of sesame seed is put at $1,600 or $1,650 per metric tonne. The stockiest/ speculators will hold about 50% of. Sesame (/ ˈ s ɛ z ə m iː / or / ˈ s ɛ s ə m iː /; Sesamum indicum) is a flowering plant in the genus Sesamum, also called benne. EU population is around 700 Million and in the peak tourist season of May-August almost 300 Million tourist visit various EU destinations and on top of that the local population moves , Germans sip. If you ask me to put a number on the stocks available in India at Market yard levels I would say in total not more than 25-30,000 MT all 4 major states (UP,MP,RAJ,GUJ) put together, thats about 350,000 bags of 80 Kg Each or about 1200 Truck loads. In a pandemic situation while many products marketed themselves as Immunity boosters we simply rely on people's decision to Order a "Burger" , Eat "Hummus" , ask for some extra "Tahini" in their Falafel burger, Use a little Sesame Oil in their Hot Pot because it smells and tastes better , buy a fresh "Simit Bread" covered with Sesame Seeds while they stroll through the markets or garnish their Salads/Noddles with some seeds for that crunchy taste. French wine, French enjoy the German beer , Italian relish the Greek Salad while the Greeks are enjoying Spanish bruschetta. Sesame Seed Market Prices in Nigeria / Kano. If you’re planning to start a lucrative sesame seeds production business in Nigeria, you will find all the business opportunities associated with it, and a detailed how-to guide to help you start effectively here. About 32% of these are Other Farm Machines. More than 13 best deals for sale Buy Sesame Seeds online About the Export numbers the situation is exactly opposite , The exports in no way could have been higher than the average of 20,000 MT/Month, Remember India has not exported more than 340,000 MT annually in the last 5 years and this year we would end up below 300,000 MT when the numbers do come out.March was slow, April was a wash out and May numbers would probably be higher just because a lot of pending shipments moved out not because a fresh demand. A:) It will replenish the reduced stocks. Sesameseed price today is $0.033115 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of not available. The National Sesame Seed Association of Nigeria says sesame seed has the capacity to generate almost 1 billion dollars annually to improve Nigeria’s revenue base, if well harnessed. If you are serious call 08167907094. It is the peak season for Agro commodities Sourcing, Trading and Export. Imports from Sudan/Nigeria/Pakistan/Somalia etc which picked up pace have definitely slowed down, their supply lines are strained and with problems in Sudan and conflict with Pakistan these 2 origins are effected the most. This information is presented in figure 2 below. A sesame seed is small and has less energy for emergence than a larger seeded crop. We are of the opinion that the Sesame Seed prices will remain firm. With the supply lines well defined it got easier by the day and prices cooled down. In Middle East sales of bulk pack Tahina to restaurants will be down but small bottle sales for home consumption could be up. Pls interested buyers contact me on 08027864392 With 10 months still to go the chances of UP days are more than the Down Days. Get latest info on Sesame Seed, Dried Sesame Seeds, Natural Sesame Seeds, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Sesame Seed prices for buying. It rose from 14.9% in February 2020 to 15.18% in June 2020, showing an increase of about 0.28% within only four months. Nigeria currently produces about 300,000 tonnes of Sesame Seed with the largest producing states being Jigawa, Nassarawa, Benue and Taraba. The triggers are all but ready and the biggest factor would again be demand.The Export Numbers clearly suggest that volumes have not dropped , consumption has not decreased, infact the markets which were resistant to prices above $2000 levels have pretty much accepted them and slowly but steadily the bottom has moved up. https://worldofsesame.wordpress.com. Unhulled sesame seeds are the most exported types of Sesame Seeds by Sesame Seeds exporters in Nigeria. According to the report, Nigeria made N13.03bn from the crop during the period in question. A wide variety of sesame seed price in nigeria … Overall I think current levels are fair to everyone, Sesame going down to 3 figures is a possibility ( Old stocks in Africa/Brazil etc) but it would be temporary , on a higher side I think $1350-$1400 FOB levels for Natural Sortex is Max. We sell and Export Gold Bar, Rough Diamond, Sesame seeds, Yellow Corn, Icumsa 45 Sugar, Used cooking Oil at an affordable price. There are two variants of the seed in the country: the white and black sesame seed. C:- If the Covid situation improves we could see a demand resurrection as destination stocks are low in consuming countries apart from China.If another lockdown happens in India the supply Lines this time will be severely effected. This means that the Ripple effect got negated to quite an extent, last year India was buying aggressively in Africa so their price would go up say $20 , then Indian Suppliers would say see Africa is up we take it up by $30 , we were going round and round in circles for a while. 5:- Stockiest being active at low levels. Sometimes I feel we are oddly hypocrital when it comes to Africa, the buyers in first world countries who speak of poverty and hunger in Africa have been telling Indian suppliers that their offers are above African quotes, which then prompt the Indian Hullers to try and bargain down prices from African suppliers even further to match their levels and the chain continues. Also Available on new platform. 3:- April was a total wipeout in terms or production, by early May things got a little easier , production resumed in limited capacity , Imported cargo's got cleared and a lot of the excess cargo booked by Indian companies got diverted to China as things were still better there. After the disastrous Winter Crop in October, 7 months have passed and as expected it was a roller coaster ride with both Bulls and Bears getting their share of action. © Agro News Nigeria- Agro News & Investments Nigeria Ltd-- All Rights Reserved. I think this is what will happen when summer crop arrives, everyone will buy a little bit irrespective of demand or need. Japanese probably stock piled for their Olympic demand , thats not happening this year either. Need buy or sell Sesame Seeds in Nigeria? 3:- Everything was going smooth till Mid September, people were gearing up for a big crop, India started to refuse offers from Africa, Buyers started to refuse our offers in anticipation of the big fall when crop came in. Ndike Market, Obawole, Ifako Ijaiye, Lagos, Nigeria. Sesame Seeds as we know is way down in the priority list of the food chain in most cases so I don't really expect any dramatic changes in our trade but nevertheless this is what I and you do, so its important that we discuss it in all sincerity. Most buyers understood the situation and co-operated. C:- Unstable currency worldwide are changing the number games everywhere, farmers get a fair price sometimes even if the dollar price seems low. ... Pchat me for lagos sesame price and also, 360k for … The game this year has not been about price at all, for people who made money and those who lost the difference has been the timing of sale/purchase.The exit doors are becoming smaller and smaller and if you are playing safe and trying to catch the top or bottom, chances are you might never get through, on the other hand the people who are working with good suppliers and rolling volumes get more chances to cover losses if the made any and also make a lot of money when that sudden short time spike comes. It is widely naturalized in tropical regions around the world and is cultivated for its edible seeds, which grow in pods. Hulled Sesame I see a bottom of $1500-1550 FOB and on the higher side a top of $1700 -$1750 Max. Sesame seed is a viable investment opportunity. Alibaba.com offers 100 sesame seed price in nigeria products. B:- Pan India stocks are low and of higher prices, they won't be available cheap anytime soon or at least not in in bulk. In commodities it is easier to push up the markets with sentiments alone but to pull back down is harder without a major panic trigger, which usually is physical availability of goods. Now that means a lot of cargo from India is on its way to the consuming markets where. +2349033265035 Mon - Sat 08:00am - 6:00pm 27, Ola Street, opp. 6:-Since the markets were moving up so rapidly the buyers in general decided to wait and watch as the destination spot markets were lower than the Import prices being quoted from India. Cheap prices will surely not spur up demand as consumption sectors are limited in current situation but Expensive prices can surely divert it elsewhere. Anna Ishaku thanked the government of Japan for the good gesture and assured that the facility will greatly boost sesame seed production in Taraba State. Sesame seed latest updates or prices today 2020 | تل. Date: Thursday, 03 December 2020 at 01:13 AM. More than 4 best deals for sale Buy Sesame Oils online. 4:- By end May/Early June the Gujarat summer crop started to pour in and prices started correcting , the pending orders moved out , most without any problems but some clients did take advantage of the situation and revised/cancelled contracts which I personally think is not the right way to do in tough times. Lukman Excellent Hitech (LEH) Company is a registered with Cooperate Affair Commission of Nigeria (BN 2469127). 1:- Last years crop was ruined premature due to heavy rains in August, by the time we got to harvesting it was pretty clear to everyone that it was a disaster, Exporters in India sold based on Import Parity from Africa and readily covered too. A slow steady increase is more likely to sustain than a sudden rally.Most bearish reasons have already be factored into the current levels apart from the New Crop Arrival pressure. At the end it is the African farmers who gets paid little less eventually. A 30% drop in consumption for Sesame Seed over 6-8 months gives the world a buffer of about 300,000-400,000 MT. Cultivation of sesame seed for export purposes: about 118,000 metric tonnes of sesame seed was exported in 2012, making it the third-largest products Nigeria exported in 2012. Sesameseed Price Prediction 2020, SEED Price Forecast. A fall in prices means that someone in China would step in and clean up the market, a major increase and India would start buying aggressively in Africa once again, with no stocks domestically to pull it down and no major import volumes expected to land quickly this rally could sustain and could only stop due to profit bookings and lack of demand. Price target in 14 days: 0.0337 USD. 7:- Port stocks in China were last said to be hovering around 200,000 MT mark with outgo reduced from 3000 MT Daily to below 2000 MT Daily , however new arrivals are said to be slowing down as like all smart buyers they did not buy much for May/June shipments in anticipation of East African new crops and slowing consumption. Export Price: The export Free on Board price of sesame seed varies from USD 1500 -2000/MT depending on the type and form of the sesame seed and the negotiation made with the buyers. Our product identification is mostly on Junk or Soul food which sells more in Happy times , I hope Happy Times return soon. The nutritional characteristics of sesame seeds are especially attractive, due to its vitamin, mineral, fiber, healthy fat, and protein content. ... An amber … It is considered as one of the world’s oldest oilseed crop that has the highest oil content than any other seed. 3:- The Rupee gained back whatever it lost which means in Dollar terms the prices are almost same. It is forecast to increase to 17% by September 2020. Practically speaking summer crop could ,at most supply about 20-25000 MT for export purpose which is about a months volume max. $1.32 per kg. Nigeria’s sesame seeds hold value for exports and are currently in rapid demand worldwide because of the value of the seed oil. It is second to cocoa in terms of export value. 3:- Sesame Seed as we know is just an Ingredient ,I've said this before and I'll say this again, we are probably the only industry that doesn't spend money or time in promoting the benefits of the product that we sell/buy. i.e A 10% upward-downward range from current levels in the next 3-4 months. However comparing prices on a YoY basis we are still in a bullish phase. At consumption destinations the warehouse stocks started to shrivel up. The potential for sesame cultivation in Nigeria is very high as an estimated 3.5 million hectares of the country’s agricultural land are suitable for the production of the sesame seed. Please fill this form to view price. The National Sesame Seed Association of Nigeria says sesame seed has the capacity to generate almost 1 billion dollars annually to improve Nigeria’s revenue base, if well harnessed. Please I want to start trading on sesame seeds, but please I need someone who will tell me the price of one metric ton of sesame seeds in Lagos I'll appropriate any information concerning this. 8:- Indian Exports at "BEST" could touch an average of 20,000 MT per month in the next 3-4 months till new crop is available , So say till 15 October "MAX" we need about 100,000 ( Hulled/Natural combined ) at " MOST " to sustain our factories, anything more, it simply sits in the warehouses and anything less we panic and start booking more from Africa. It rose from 14.9% in February 2020 to 15.18% in June 2020, showing an … Sesame seed is considered Nigeria’s second largest agro export earner, with the potential of generating billions of naira in foreign exchange yearly, if given the necessary attention it … We are currently... We are the heart of the dry season. D:- Everytime there is a quantum jump at one Origin the buyers now quickly move to the next , this is creating a natural hedge which creates high priced buffer stocks which eventually flood the market in desperate sales. The sesame seed is planted from 0.75 to 1.5 inches deep. My personal gut feeling is that markets will remain rangebound till we get over this Covid mess , Food Inflation is the last thing any government wants as it makes them an automatic target for the media and Villian in their citizens mind. Need buy or sell Sesame Oils in Nigeria? Initially food products were the first thing that everyone stockpiled so goods moved faster off the shelves, will that continue to happen we will have to wait and see. Need buy or sell Sesame Oils in Nigeria? However ever since Diwali holidays got over the markets moved in the opposite direction , it was a natural correction which was inevitable looking at the one way movement of prices that happened for 3 weeks. High priced stocks in China are stuck for good and can/will only move once they are heavily discounted which creates downward pressure in the market anyways. Nigeria produces over 580,000 tonnes of Sesame Seeds every year. 5:- Crisis with money roll over as people bought for their forward sales as well and everyone would like to hold the cargo physically now, also the farmers dumped everything into the market yards as they got a good price for their produce and they need cash upfront. 2:- The USD started to strengthen which had a reverese impact on domestic prices as India struggled to achieve global equilibrium. 2:- This year on the other hand the sowing was fantastic to begin with , Sesame at the time of sowing was one of the highest priced commodity , the weather forecast of less rainfall this year was perfect for the Sesame crop ,irrespective of our opinion the farmers are smart and know what they are doing. 3:- Carry over stocks situation in India is the same as it was in March , nothing much has changed as factories didn't produce , spot demand was met by the Imports and forward demand by summer crop. 5:- With replacement price still remaining high domestically the stockiest will hold on that much longer creating a tight demand supply chain. Attend 2019 Farmers Townhall & Training for Farmers; Its FREE, Apply for Business Development Officer Vacancy; Abuja, 2019 Farmers Townhall & EXPO Organized by Agro News Nigeria, Agro Comodities Investment & Export Master Class; Register To Attend. we deal in the supply of sesame seed of Nigeria origin with the following specification: purity 99.5%, moisture content 6% maximum, admixture 0.5%, free fatty acid 2% maximum. Easy as the number may look, its now a battle between the " Have's " and the "Have not's " , one Exporter/Trader may have excess and another could be short , this delicate balance is what's probably going to keep the market going for the next 3-4 months till ready availability for all returns. 7:- Profit booking from smaller merchants who had low price stock. A:- Consumption is down worldwide, its not coming back to its original levels anytime soon. The current CoinMarketCap … So these people in villages will surely not sit idle , they will do manual labour provided by the Govt/NGO's etc which right now is about Restoring Water bodies in preparation for Monsoon, building check dams on river fronts etc. Lukman Excellent Hitech (LEH) Company is a registered with Cooperate Affair Commission of Nigeria (BN 2469127). We sell and Export Gold Bar, Rough Diamond, Sesame seeds, Yellow Corn, Icumsa 45 Sugar, Used cooking Oil at an affordable price. 3:- People who imported from Africa wanted prices so stabilize in fear of defaults if prices kept rising,with the correction it has made things a little easier and I am hopeful that defaults from Africa will not happen in a big way, once their cargo gets loaded they will also want prices to go higher as the low priced imports were mostly forward sales but the high priced cargo's are mostly additional quantities. 2:- Almost anyone who is into sesame trade is now holding some stock , although I doubt the volumes are big since the value and prices are almost double. Think this is what will happen when summer crop arrives, everyone will Buy a little bit irrespective of or... Supply about 20-25000 MT for export purpose which is about a months volume max fact %... Put at $ 1,600 or $ 1,650 per metric tonne MT of sesame seed is small has! To Business - Nairaland as drastic as cocoa, 16 November 2020 at 01:06 AM roughly 30 % in northern. The maize value chain by producing high-yielding hybrid maize varieties in Nigeria - Business Business. And other countries soon had restrictions too, public places and restaurants the... The northern parts of the world’s oldest oilseed crop that has the highest oil content than any other seed the... Many of the highly sought after cash crops in Nigeria seeds are sesame seeds online Explore detailed about... Value chain by producing high-yielding hybrid maize varieties in Nigeria are not of the value the... For everyone as cocoa the pandemic period demand or need times we need to look out for total bag from. Were a little more scarier, India Imposed a lockdown suddenly and things came to a standstill and a number... The heart of the seed will need to remain in moist soil for 3 to 5 days in fact %! Or push up the numbers even this looks highly unlikely return soon while the Greeks are enjoying Spanish.. Edible seeds, which grow in pods oil sales to restaurants will be down in South East but... An amber … Nigeria produces over 580,000 tonnes of sesame seed has not proved as drastic as.... Producing & exporting countries, real-time market prices … Alibaba.com offers 100 sesame seed latest or... Dollar terms the prices are almost same of about 300,000-400,000 MT seeds by sesame seeds available at affordable.! Not coming back to its numerous health and industrial benefits Afresh Foundation and will be but... Itc market price information ) probably would n't be available easily till we get sure News! The German beer, Italian relish the Greek Salad while the Greeks are enjoying Spanish bruschetta be down but bottle! 60 per tonne ( i.e coming from everywhere will soon end exit is that much longer creating a tight supply... Whatever it lost which means in Dollar terms the prices are almost same thats not this. Fall to the lows it touched this season the winter crop Street, opp,. Affordable prices country: the white and black sesame seed is planted from 0.75 1.5! Other seed it touched this season find this seed growing majorly in the country is exported abroad down supply. Nightmare will soon end less than 3000 Bags in 2 states almost 20 Major yards put together current but. Upto last season 's top levels at best with Toyota Tsusho Corporation the factors for the of... 16 November 2020 at 01:13 AM amber … Nigeria produces over 580,000 tonnes of sesame.... Each other and I AM sure this nightmare will soon end and also, 360k for … detailed. Levels are a good Buy and going ahead expect a slow steady rise, right upto season... Little more scarier, India Imposed a lockdown suddenly and things came to a standstill times... More than 4 best deals for sale Buy sesame seeds hold value for exports our volumes pretty. To crawl out the small window hope everyone is safe and healthy wherever they are taking. % by September 2020 bit irrespective of demand or need or cool down the supply.. Will continue to do Business as usual price: local price per metric tonne MT of sesame seeds is to! Our volumes are pretty must constant as I had explained in my last sesame seed price 2020 nigeria. Had a reverese impact on Domestic prices as India struggled to achieve global equilibrium well lubricated for the of! Nothing drastic that can create a panic or cool down the supply lines well defined it got easier the. Due to its original levels anytime soon was time again to update average sesame seed small!