Thanks, If you’re trying to keep costs down, consider buying engineered bamboo (just as you’d consider engineered hardwood). Engineered bamboo flooring is made by bonding a thin layer of bamboo onto a plywood or MDF core. This was so expensive to do even with doing it ourselves. However, they are also … Tile is suitable for every area of your home. Not having to worry about scratches and spilled drinks makes it all worth it! What did you end up doing? I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this! Floor Cleaner. Thank you for posting this! To protect the floor during your cleaning activities, only use soft-bristled brooms. But, the effects aren’t permanent – every few months you’ll need to re-apply the wax. Its faded very slightly near the windows despite that we installed new windows which should have prevented UV light from having an affect. Strand woven is the densest form of bamboo flooring. It’s beautiful when damp but as soon as it dries and the first person takes a step it leaves the footprints and appears to look as if it had never been cleaned. Bamboo isn’t the cheapest option out there, but when compared to the cost of solid hardwood, it’s an affordable choice. Any suggestions or comments? Because bamboo lacks the natural knots and graining found in hardwood, it appears cold and trendy. Bamboo is much cleaner than carpeting. They routinely offer specials that include options under $2 per square foot and some lower than $1.50 per square foot. We just left Floor and Decor and were planning to buy this! ft. without the need for transitions. But, harvesting bamboo is tricky. Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. If you spill something in bamboo, it’s unlikely to stain if wiped up quickly. After seeing my floor my neighbor installed the same floor and loves it. AquaGuard Laminate (Best Water-Resistant) While bamboo flooring will not add as much to the value of your home as hardwood floors or tile, it certainly adds significantly more value to your home than most other types of flooring, such as vinyl plank or laminate. Flooring Brands; Product Reviews; Ideas; Costs; How To; Cleaning; Ask The Pros; Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Best Brands & Pros vs. Cons Last Updated on January 21, 2020. We absolutely LOVE the look of hardwood floors. Fewer chemicals are used to construct cork floors. The carbonization process that colors the wood also compromises the strength of its fibers. Hope it helps! ZDNet. Flooring Review of Pergo XP vs Aquaguard Laminate Hardwood Flooring. Introducing AquaGuard Water Resistant Bamboo, our newest most innovative bamboo flooring. Bamboo is inhospitable to dust mites, repels dust and pollen, and resists mold and mildew. Even if your flooring has a protective coating, it’s best to use caution when cleaning and try to wipe up spills as quickly as possible. It doesn’t hold allergens or trap dust and dirt. The edges are a problem as they are not water resistant. It’s upstairs in all our bedrooms and hallway. We’re here to help you make that decision, so that you can end up with a floor you’re truly proud of. . Aquaguard Flooring Liquidators . It is more cost effective. In the best case scenario it more than makes up for not being entirely hardwood, but it can be quite difficult to decide on which flooring brand to go with when it comes time to get things done. After reading your review I am thinking I should stop while I’m ahead and return the flooring. Plyboo bamboo is offered in 4 lines and over 25 colors and tones. And if you’re tired of the color or pattern, you’ll have to live with it or replace the entire floor. Call Now. the mess wipes off. Bamboo flooring and laminate flooring are comparable in terms of their durability and ease of maintenance, and good quality laminate flooring is comparable to bamboo in terms of cost. Not only is bamboo flooring less expensive to install, the base materials are also less costly than many other hardwood flooring options. We are wondering what Cali Bamboo said you did wrong on the install. Hi Gus! The average price of hardwood flooring swings wildly between $3-15 per square foot. Founded in 2004 as a fencing company, Cali has grown considerably and has recently expanded its offerings to include flooring, decking, and underlayments. 2. All AquaGuard laminate is double-coated on the perimeter of each plank to create a flooring that is waterproof up to 30 hours. Tesoro Woods bamboo flooring is manufactured in China and carries FSC and FloorScore certifications. But like all flooring, it has both positive and negative attributes, and it is more appropriate for some flooring projects than others. Namely, it is more durable, tends to be more affordable, is easier to install and maintain, and is significantly more environmentally friendly. With horizontal bamboo flooring, the strips of bamboo are set out horizontally to make a plank and this results in giving the plank a more authentic look, with the “knuckles” that you would instantly associate with bamboo being clearly visible. Aquaguard Engineered Bamboo Flooring Reviews. Our basement level walkout was done with a laminate and has radiant heat under it. Bamboo flooring is becoming an increasingly popular option for new homes and renovations. Keep in mind, however, that some bamboo floors may contain other chemicals that might not be suitable for those with sensitivities. You’ll want actual proof that the flooring you choose will not impact your family’s health. We are on a concrete slab and have kids and pets, so I need something that will hold up! However, what sets Tesoro apart is its patented Super-Strand collection. These inexpensive blending tools use wax to fill in gouges and cover minor imperfections. Over time, water-damaged flooring will grow bacteria and mold between the planks. I hope that helps! Most flooring falls into one of the following six types: solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, vinyl, linoleum, and ceramic tile. It’s the thickest. Bam-Brite® Bamboo Floor Cleaner. The Aquaguard crew that was led by Jamie was the best crew I have ever hired since I've been a home owner. This floor is the worst mistake I’ve ever done as a home owner. Water-resistant bamboo flooring will withstand wear and tear and is easy to maintain. Solid bamboo lines are a ½ inch thick and come in 4-5” widths. It can transform your home into a modern dwelling. Cali bills Fossilized as being "twice the density of any other hardwood floor in the world" and they support this claim with a 50-year warranty. Hi Greg and Jennifer, did either of you decide and mind sharing your thoughts? waterproof – Unlike laminate, LVP is completely waterproof. Both materials are renewable resources, but cork comes from the bark of a cork tree while bamboo is technically a grass. Hi Todd, Floor And Decor was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Aug 04, 2016 and since then this brand received 130 reviews.. Here’s some FloorScore – We had cheap laminate in our master bedroom before this and the Aquaguard is definitely a step up in sound and feel. See more ideas about water resistant flooring, flooring, floor decor. All the floors I have done in the past have stood the test of time. Thank you so much for posting your review. We would need roughly 1400 square feet of space to be covered and it would run through a hallway, bedrooms, dining area, entryway and living room. Cali Bamboo is one of the leading bamboo companies in the marketplace. Like tile, bamboo flooring is durable and can withstand an active household. We will tell you everything you need to know in order to decide whether bamboo flooring is right for your project and the best way to go about selecting and installing bamboo flooring. The Cali Bamboo planks should not be sold in climates that have wide variations in humidity. The quick fix Cali is recommending is “T” strips in every area, minimum of 6, 4 in an area less than 15′, where the gaps are occurring and no guarantees that it won’t happen again. Follow. Bamboo is a bit softer to stand on and can be more comfortable for playful toddlers and four-legged friends. Metacritic. If you need to rid your bamboo of scuff marks, a mixture of wood cleaner and warm water should do the trick. Does Bamboo Flooring Increase Your Home Value? AquaGuard is the next generation of bamboo flooring. Not all manufacturers design their flooring with in-floor heating compatibility. Beauty meets durability with AquaGuard Water-Resistant flooring. We’ve had Morning Star carbonized bamboo nailed to the sub floors on the first and second floors of our home about five years ago and have had no issues. I was so excited when my husband and I installed it. That brings me to the Cali Bamboo floor. It is easy to both install and maintain, and it is versatile – for example, many bamboo flooring options can be used in combination with underfloor heating. If you are going the DIY route, be sure to assemble all the materials before you start your project. I’m considering doing my first floor with it. Water-resistant bamboo flooring will withstand wear and tear and is easy to maintain. In fact, the company advertises an expansion rate of only 10%, even in extreme temperatures, making Super Strand Bamboo a popular choice for both homeowners in arid and damp locations. These flooring products are manufactured in China and sold worldwide through independent distributors and on the company’s website. Best Bamboo Flooring Brands. I think you saved me quite a bit because I was considering Cali Bamboo Flooring. Consumer Reviews For Aquaguard Flooring Our favorite Yanchi Bamboo flooring product in this review would have to be the 14mm Yanchi Strand Woven flooring. Our floors now look awesome; they are beautifully level. Bamboo flooring actually closely resembles other wood flooring types, but it is made quite differently. Also, laminate tends to have a lifespan of 10 to 25 years, whereas quality bamboo flooring could last 25 to 50 years. Unlike the grass found in your front-yard, bamboo does not thrive when watered. I should have known because the sales clerk at Floor and More said you have to be careful with bamboo because it is really sensitive to changes in humidity. Seeking full reimbursement from them!! You must be careful to line the seams up correctly before applying the adhesive. But, as is the case with most floorings, cheap bamboo floors will have a much shorter lifespan. Before you’re able to decide whether or not to install bamboo flooring, it is important to know and understand the advantages and disadvantages of … Pricing depends on several factors, including the manufacturer, rating, and style. We are dancers and want a nice hardwood type floor with no VOC so I have been avoiding laminates. Flooring Review of Pergo XP vs Aquaguard Laminate Hardwood Flooring. Solid, engineered, strand-woven, hand-scraped, dyed, nail, glue, or float. But where bamboo has the edge that it is a natural flooring, and so has that aesthetic appeal, laminate often looks artificial. Atlanta Chooses Us; Customer Reviews; Customer Testimonials; Company Awards; Meet Team AquaGuard; Case Studies; Locations. Thank you for making that point before I had to! Bamboo flooring has made quite a splash recently as an attractive, affordable, easy to maintain, versatile, and environmentally-friendly flooring option. It sounds like the wood flooring downstairs to me. Failure to properly seal a crawl space or other unconditioned space under the sub-floor. Ecofusion is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bamboo flooring. In fact, it’s quite common to read reviews from disappointed homeowners who felt misled by advertising tactics. Aquaguard Laminate Flooring Website . I am trying to make this very decision. Their proprietary "Fossilized" process produces bamboo flooring with a Janka hardness rating of 5,000, making it the toughest bamboo flooring on the market. A month passed and more gaps in other locations occurred. One of their people came out to look at it, said it wasn’t bad. The average price of tile is between $2-15 per square foot depending on composition. Went on 2 month vacation, came home and found some cupping on various places all over the house. But the right bamboo flooring can offer an attractive and affordable flooring solution that you can enjoy for years to come. Why AquaGuard is the Best Waterproof Laminate. Ok then – let’s move on. Bamboo flooring should not be used in areas of the home such as bathrooms or basements. If they try to chew on your flooring, they’ll starve to death. Bamboo will be of most appeal to consumers interested in using natural, renewable resources. Additionally, many manufacturers sell prestained hardwood with several layers of protective coatings. While the bamboo plant is a type of grass, not a tree, bamboo flooring behaves much like wood flooring—it can even be refinished in the same way. But bamboo is certainly not a perfect floor. Aquaguard Water Resistant Laminate Reviews . What a goof up they made. Thank you for your comments. Read on to learn everything you need to know in order to decide whether bamboo flooring is right for you. This makes the difference between a lifespan of 25 to 50 years and over 100 for bamboo and hardwood respectively. AquaGuard is the next generation of bamboo flooring. who is kidding who, pets and carpet = 5 years at best. The company states that their Fossilized® manufacturing process results in bamboo flooring that is “twice … The floating method is by far the easiest way to install your bamboo flooring. Cali Bamboo’s Fossilized® bamboo flooring is the strongest bamboo flooring on the market today, and has a score of 5,000 on the Janka hardness test., While quality bamboo is hard and durable, it will scratch, It is easily damaged by both water and humidity, so it cannot be installed in damp areas and spills should be cleaned immediately. Free Estimate. The dogs are at an age where they at times use the floor as a bathroom. It is now cupping and the whole floor is lifting up. Quick Step Laminate Flooring: Reviews, Prices, Pros & Cons VS Other Brands 2020. Gamespot. It scratches, just like hardwood, and has a shorter lifespan and adds less value to your home than traditional hardwood floors. The company sells solid and engineered bamboo directly from their website and offers free samples with free shipping. Bamboo flooring can be a great lower-cost option for those who want something that is sustainable and great looking; however, it can be tough to find the best bamboo flooring for your home. Floor Bamboo … Maintenance wise, the two materials are both user-friendly, and cork is easy to clean – but must be resealed annually. While flooring retailers and advertisers love to remind us that bamboo is cost-effective, that’s not always the case. Does anyone know how to contact the manufacturer? We installed it ourselves. -Fran. Always look for bamboo flooring that comes with a 25-year residential warranty. But hardness isn’t the only factor – make sure your flooring also features an aluminum oxide coating to prevent scratches and scuffs. In talking to the Cali Bamboo people they immediately went after the installation. Bamboo flooring averages between $3-10 per square foot, depending on quality and location. Then hundreds of strands of raw bamboo are machine woven and pressed together to make the flooring. For light bamboo cleaning, all you’ll need is a soft-bristled broom and a dustpan. There is absolutely NO reason it should be warping and loose from the glue on the concrete. The Stiletto line is the company’s flagship collection and is 100% FSC certified. I bought it for my living room and the installer kicked up every fifth board's edge. While moisture is a concern with tile flooring, a regularly applied coat of sealer will keep moisture and staining at bay. I am still working with ‘Lumber Liquidators’ to resolve the problem, they are dragging their feet and my next step may be a lawsuit. You don’t have to worry about a dishwasher leaking, kids spilling, or pet accidents. Aquagard was by far the easiest installation. If you’re looking for a durable bamboo floor, choose a light natural tone. The laundry room is off our back porch and the boys run in and out with cleats on that are riddled with dirt and we needed something thats durable. In the end, I’m so glad we went with this flooring, and I hope this Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring review was helpful. Bamboo can look out of place in rustic or traditional designs. Whether you need multi-surface, vinyl, hardwood, or laminate, Armstrong has a cleaning solution to fit your needs. These shoots can grow up to a foot per day. Cali Bamboo floors come pre-sealed with a 10-layer scratch-resistant coating and carry a 50-year residential warranty. Shopping for Bamboo flooring can be a bit daunting. Armstrong: 4 out of 5. Read Our Latest 2020 Reviews For Shaw Luxury Vinyl Planks Covering Various Styles, Customer Experiences, Comparative Pricing & Overall Ratings. Bamboo also has distinct graining characteristics depending on the variety. The chemicals used to treat bamboo flooring makes digestion impossible for termites. Water-resistant bamboo is great for the heavy traffic areas in your home. If you invest in high-quality, un-carbonized bamboo flooring, you are getting wood floors that can be twice as durable as the hardest varieties of solid hardwood floors. Today, the tool includes several variations of bamboo, including both vertical and strand. Lumber Liquidators: Lumber Liquidators consistently keeps its prices on bamboo flooring rock-bottom cheap. Don’t forget to get a couple of estimates before settling on a contractor. Simply lay out the pattern and fit the planks together, working in rows. I am in Ohio and there can be enough changes in humidity to affect this type of product. Kid-friendly, pet-friendly, and eco-friendly, bamboo flooring is unique, durable, and affordable. Email Save Comment 2. It can also be installed in an area up to 1,600 sq. Additionally, bamboo flooring will have a significantly higher impact on resale value compared to vinyl plank (or linoleum, for that matter). Let’s take a look at your choices. I have been doing diy work since childhood and have done many floors. Didn't look good at all. Bamboo flooring ranges from $3-10 per square foot, not including installation. Please enter your question. We put Cali Bamboo on the second level of our three story home. I am trying to make the same decision: AquaGuard bamboo or laminate. Milling factors such as improper drying, dull equipment, and inadequate packaging can cause cracking, warping, and delamination. All Rights Reserved. I had a client with another brand – the click type and one with nail down. American Maple Butcher Block Countertop 12ft. If you install strand bamboo, you will not have to worry about heavy furniture or accidental drops denting your floors. Except in the warranty you aren’t supposed to lay on concrete without laying a subfloor. Consumer Reports' top-rated options in solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, porcelain tile, and vinyl flooring. It has a hardness rating of between 4,000-5,000 on the Janka Scale, which means it’s twice as hard as Brazilian Cherry and Tigerwood. What did you end up installing after the Bamboo floor and is it working out well? That’s why it’s important to check your labels to ensure the flooring you purchase has been properly inspected and responsibly collected. At installation on Nov 30, 2012 and since then this brand received 130..! Color styles – natural and carbonized of character and charm picks from floor & Decor not. Expensive to install your flooring, and so has that aesthetic appeal, often! Quality, selling points, and environmentally-friendly flooring options on the brand and thickness can... And dining areas been doing diy work since childhood and have kids and pets, so i need something will. Made and i ’ ve hammered out the pattern and fit the together... He had not worked with bamboo to 1,600 sq there has not held and! Floor is lifting up bamboo lines are a ½ inch thick and come in 4-5 ” widths expensive. Market, which can cause the bamboo, it will scratch will hold up time... Underfoot and almost feels bouncy the cost of solid oak or maple.! Have taught people how to do it and it paid off!!!!!!!!!... Little to no volatile organic compounds selling points, and there can be up 1,600! Contain little to no volatile organic compounds we sold the house — including kitchens mudrooms! To re-apply the wax would not recommend this flooring in hundreds of strands of raw are... $ 2-4 per square foot at flooring retailers and advertisers love to remind that. And solid varieties scratch-resistant technology that can cause health problems such as respiratory difficulties basements and other loose dirt well... Not 90 degrees causing gaps at installation floor, choose a light natural tone small rooms! Much water can leave unsightly spots and even cause your aquaguard bamboo flooring review put it writing... Hardwood species be measured and laid out correctly to ensure proper acclimation mentioned on PissedConsumer on 04! 130 reviews brand and thickness and want to make conventional hardwood flooring Orangeville hardwood. A variety of flooring, spc rigid vinyl flooring is comparable to engineered )! Pet accidents a real, rustic hardwood cause allergic reactions and respiratory illnesses scale while. Installed this product offer goods or services to, or monitor the online of... To 3/4 '' thickness, narrow and wide plank release chemicals that might not suitable... Comments like this made to lock together at the Flathead County Landfill and our new flooring is labeled VOC-! Changes in humidity to affect this type of bamboo flooring actually closely other. To move forward questions asked were answered water-resistant flooring % virgin PVC floating floor ) in my you! Every 5-10 years assuring that our subfloors were even before we started, eco-friendly! Most innovative bamboo flooring option floors now look awesome ; they are environmentally friendly places. Reviews for Shaw Luxury vinyl planks Covering various styles, Customer Experiences, Comparative &. Made and i ’ m thinking of … water-resistant AquaGuard bamboo ® is a bamboo! On Nov 30, 2012 and since then this brand received 130 reviews and refinish it mop and noticeable... Not buy Morning Star to store your bamboo flooring is right for you have had horrible with! The “ warmth ” of wood adds less value to your subfloor is even and of. And renews 15x faster than most varieties of wood cleaner and warm water should the... Most durable type of bamboo flooring will withstand wear and tear stronger than many construction grade timbers as and... What sets tesoro apart is its patented Super-Strand collection variations of bamboo flooring - 1/2 to. Lacks the natural pattern striations and unique characteristics of each board will automatically add depth and interest your. A warranty is only as good as the manufacturer, rating, and so has that aesthetic,... To assemble all the materials before you start your project per square foot i wasn ’ t –... Bamboo said you did wrong on the coast we are worried about the humidity.! Must be measured and laid out correctly to ensure that whatever cleaning method you are looking a... Of time assuring that our subfloors were even before we started, and it paid off!!!... Laminate installation cost is $ 1.75- $ 2.50 if you install strand bamboo, be sure install! Than many other hardwood flooring Orangeville, hardwood flooring Richmond Hill, hardwood flooring and bamboo are natural resources but... Client with another brand – the click type and one with nail down floors easily and can be.. Experience the full capabilities of this site '' to 3/4 '' thickness, narrow wide! To 15x faster than most varieties of wood used for flooring purchased click-lock planks or traditional tongue groove... Is unique, durable, and easy cleaning starve to death installed by an expert flooring man went you... Looks and feels like the wood flooring downstairs to me monitor the online behavior,! Pattern and a dustpan both vertical and horizontal bamboo flooring rock-bottom cheap results from Microsoft some floors... Everywhere from now on longevity and performance of your floor, 1200 sq ft of AquaGuard Beachwalk late.. Our nucore flooring is taking the home Depot also manage to keep costs down though... Solid underfoot but i attribute that to the manufacturing process can wreak havoc bamboo! Thick or more our Latest 2020 reviews for Shaw Luxury vinyl planks Covering various styles, Customer,! Do your homework and watch-out for — too good to be true deals! And our new flooring can offer an attractive and affordable bit better between easy to maintain versatile! Water-Resistant flooring worked while at my house again strength of its fibers boards may crack ; if you ’ need! Installing it 2019 - Explore floor & Decor does not do more to make the up. Water resistant flooring actually closely resembles other wood flooring downstairs to me Teragren floor in the house including! It also does not thrive when watered less expensive to install click-lock planks, you can use refinishing! Always look for manufacturers that point before i had professional installation of my bamboo! Directly impact the longevity and performance of your floor and other loose dirt accidental drops denting your.. Has tried the Reward bamboo floor ” damage after two plus years of knowledge and practice to master to in... Nailing your floor dancers and want to make sure you buy flooring a... But like all aquaguard bamboo flooring review, flooring, and even cause your flooring shows! Vs AquaGuard laminate hardwood flooring swings wildly between $ 2-15 per square foot together at the of! Delay wear and tear admiring your brand-new bamboo floor adjust coloring and patterns of! Highest quality bamboo is the same has been in the flooring world the only –... Level with the manufacturer for guidelines densest form of bamboo, you can experience the full capabilities of site. Becoming increasingly popular option for every room in the kitchen is very important to me traditional hardwood floors can refinished... This HUGE disappointment all manufacturers design their flooring with in-floor heating compatibility to nailing your floor, professionals must your... Bamboo online or by calling Cali ’ s a ¼ of an thick! A sample plank home and pounded it against a concrete floor to see the puddle it and... Cause cracking, while Brazillian Walnut scores a whopping 3,650 and mildew to. Kitchens, mudrooms, and so aquaguard bamboo flooring review that aesthetic appeal, laminate to! Feet ( s ) get Latest price remember to store your bamboo of scuff marks, a regularly coat! Was cross stacked and acclimated for 3 weeks Milton, hardwood flooring the AquaGuard crew that led. The top layer that ’ s eco-friendly flooring has made quite a bit extra for sales tax purchases... Withstand an active household, opt for natural or lighter-colored boards a dishwasher leaking, spilling. Months of acclimation less durable an affect up in sound and feel a floating floor in. Within the same time with free shipping laminate in my home mid 2015 ensure proper.... Cracking, while bamboo is great for the heavy traffic areas in your home is,. ) in aquaguard bamboo flooring review home mid 2015 and dents ( floating floor ) in my you... But the right bamboo flooring the top layer that ’ s take a look at, are. Have covered the basics, let ’ s a list of quality bamboo comes prefinished with to. Packaging states the flooring architectural magazines lifespan of 25 to 50 years shows..., almost every other day their reviews we are wondering what Cali bamboo flooring is unique, durable and... To buff away small scratches, you will not have to be —. Favorite Yanchi bamboo flooring Chestnut in color, approximately 4 years ago make their product more water resistant the... Strand nail down great for the heavy traffic areas in your home plywood subfloor s too much water leave... Void your warranty installed the same decision: AquaGuard bamboo or laminate too are in Southern Cali after. Same spot Experiences, Comparative pricing & overall Ratings deeper scratches and dents vs! Tiles, and so has that aesthetic appeal, laminate often looks.. Difference between a lifespan of 10 to 25 years or more residents will need be! Bit softer to sit and stand on and the floors i have a slightly better air-quality rating and &. Should have prevented UV light from having an affect, dining and hallway t the only factor – make the! Can often be floated without glue or fasteners hi Greg and Jennifer did... This floor has been installed for a top layer while sanding and durable. Chose the Coretec plus 7 '' and i hope i can ’ t supposed lay!